Polk Properties is an ImPPPact Qualified Company. The main goal of the ImPPPact initiative is to foster and implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) through Public Private Partnership (PPP) infrastructure projects worldwide.

Michael Polk is a Commercial Real Estate Broker and international infrastructure developer. He is owner of Polk Properties based in Beverly Hills California. Michael has provided brokerage services to his clients both locally and nationally. He also operates Billboardology.com which is a brand curation company and he offers Private Money Lending Services for real estate transactions.

Michael Polk is published throughout the world (Forbes & Rolling Stone), he is the Managing Director of Global Real Estate for TerraScale, an Advisor to the Global Green Initiative Earth 300, a Member of both the “Forbes Business Council” and “Rolling Stone Culture Council” as well as a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association. Currently assisting in the development of NEO Cities Florida, USA. and co-managing the development of SDG World Centers across the Globe and all Africa based IMPPPACT initiatives. He’s had exposure to all aspects of real estate, including national and international commercial, industrial, and luxury properties.

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Jeffery Prang Assessor, County Of Los Angeles

“Michael Polk is an incredibly knowledgeable and effective real estate professional. In an increasingly complex industry, Michael offers a wealth of expertise and tireless work ethic that provides exceptional value to clients.”

– November 2, 2018

Polk Properties and the Uganda Ministry of Information, Communications Technology & National Guidance (MoICT&NG) Sign MOU to Foster Technological Advancement and Collaboration

Beverly Hills, Calif. – Polk Properties, a leading real estate and government infrastructure development company, is excited to announce the signing of an MOU with the Uganda Ministry of ICT&NG.

This agreement establishes a framework for cooperation and understanding to drive technological innovation and collaboration in critical areas.

The MOU signifies a strategic partnership between Polk Properties and the Ministry of ICT&NG, aiming to support the development of Uganda’s ICT sector and leverage cutting-edge technologies for the benefit of its citizens. Polk Properties will provide consulting services, expertise, and support technologies to facilitate a ‘connected life’ in Uganda.

The collaboration will focus on enhancing security, connectivity, and the overall well-being of Uganda citizens, positioning Uganda as a regional leader in advanced technology implementation. The partnership also aims to create job opportunities for youth development and employment while promoting economic growth aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“We are thrilled to enter into this strategic partnership with the Uganda Ministry of ICT&NG,” said Michael Polk, Owner of Polk Properties. “This MOU represents a significant step towards leveraging technology to drive positive change and socioeconomic growth in Uganda.”

– Michael Polk

The signing ceremony took place on May 17th, 2023, attended by representatives from Polk Properties and the Uganda Ministry of ICT&NG reaffirming the commitment of both parties to achieve the shared objectives outlined in the MOU.

Praise be to the Father, thanks be to the Son, and Holy Spirit. We pray for wisdom and discernment as we venture forth into our operations.

Thank you to the Hon. Ministers and Permanent Secretary of ICT as well as all protocols observed and to the POLK team: Michael PolkMario J PinoConnected Life Solutions LLCOLIVER NDEGWA madvisoryFRIDAH MARETEJohn OyambiZoran JelicImPPPactZODSATbinah.aiSapphire RCMS, LLCVisionary, and others

God Bless Uganda.


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